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IT performance solutions to take user digital experience to the next level

Make your IT systems perform better and faster. With performance audits, engineering, and optimizations, guided by a strong monitoring strategy, you’ll get help to increase customer acquisition and retention. Together, let’s improve IT performance.

Performance Audit

We check your websites, apps, or networks to find ways to make them faster, smoother, and more reliable.

Monitoring Strategy

We help you determine how to best monitor your IT systems, so you can spot and fix problems early and keep everything running smoothly.


We help you plan for growth of your IT systems for increased users and overall usage, so you can properly plan for the future.

Making IT Performance Work More Smoothly

We know how tough IT performance can be, especially as your industry and user demands change. That’s why we’re always learning about the latest in IT performance to help you with better ensuring you’re providing the best digital experience for your users and customers.
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Podcast for Performance News and Insights

Dive into the world of apps with the Performance News and Monitoring Podcast, your latest destination for expert insights and in-depth discussions on the mobile app industry. Fresh on the scene, this podcast brings you exclusive interviews with the leading minds and innovators in the app space. Gain valuable knowledge and advice straight from the top thought leaders, tailored for anyone looking to make their mark in the app business.

IT Performance YouTube Channel

Step into the world of expert app marketing and performance enhancement with our YouTube channel. Here, we uncover the secrets to boosting user acquisition, enhancing user engagement, and skyrocketing revenue. Through detailed videos, we offer step-by-step strategies that empower you to elevate your mobile app’s success. Get ready for actionable insights to increase downloads, improve retention, and optimize monetization, all tailored to help your app stand out in a crowded marketplace.
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My courses available on Pluralsight.

Don’t just take my word for it

I worked closely with Jean for several years while he was contracted to Ford Motor Company. His in-depth knowledge of protocol analysis and network troubleshooting are second to none. Jean helped to solve many complex application and network issues while he was working with us. He was a definite asset to our team. His skills are solid and I would highly, highly recommend him!

– Lisa Turner

I worked closely with Jean over a number of years at OPNET and later at Riverbed. His knowledge of IP, use of protocol analysis tools and excellent troubleshooting methodology helped during several client problems. In addition to his technical expertise (which is extensive), Jean is an excellent documenter and helped edit several documents that I’d written for customers. I would highly recommend Jean as a Senior Network Engineer and Network Architect.

Jim Thompson

Learn some more

Are you managing an application right now that has some issues. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few quick things you can do with an application to help make it faster without having to rewrite all or any part of it.

So if your application is slow, but it can’t be changed anytime soon, download this PDF checklist. Find out changes you can make in the meantime with 5 Key Ways to Improve Application Performance… Without a Rewrite. Enter your email below for the free download.

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