Do you own, manage or monitor web applications? Looking for tips & recommendations on how to better profile and troubleshoot their performance?

Slow performing web applications can kill a business! Whether you’re the Owner providing them to your customers or the Performance Engineer responsible for managing them, you need to ensure that your web applications perform fast. Studies from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others have shown that even a 2-second delay can reduce conversions and page views.

This eBook will give you the tips, recommendations and guidelines needed to analyze your web applications for better performance. You will learn the things to look at to help save you time before, during or after your sites are slow.

When your sites are performing slowly, time is of the essence! If not, you or your company could be losing customers and clients!

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What You’ll Learn From This Book?

  • 10 questions you need to answer in order to analyze your web applications.
  • 5 additional questions to ask when your sites are slow.
  • 9 key performance metrics to look at during analysis.
  • 5 common recommendations for better performance.

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