Do you want happy users?

Of course, you do! Nobody wants unhappy users. That’s bad for business.

The applications you manage represent some level of revenue for your organization. For a website, their homepage or a landing page is usually the first impression end users get. For a mobile app, it could be the splash screen.

If either is too slow or not working right, users leave and may never come back.

Users leaving mean your bounce rates will go up. It means they don’t turn into customers or clients, and with that comes less revenue.

Bad end user experience costs time and money. And you know the network or infrastructure will get the blame!

So what do you do? Do you throw your hands up and give up? How do you get end users to love the experience they have with the systems you manage?

Let’s get better with measurement and monitoring

Applications and networks are more complex than ever. You need to monitor and measure them more than ever. This will help identify performance problems and have them fixed, wherever the cause.

Too often, the tools we use for this are sold. They aren’t bought.

Let’s go on a journey into the world of performance engineering, testing, measurement, and monitoring. On the pages of this website, you will learn about the various monitoring tools that are out there to choose from. You will learn which may be good for your organization, and which may not.

You will find audio, video, and written content, freely available for you digest, and use in your work. You can also buy some of my products and services, if you find the free stuff helpful enough, but want more.

Don’t just take my word for it

I worked closely with Jean for several years while he was contracted to Ford Motor Company. His in-depth knowledge of protocol analysis and network troubleshooting are second to none. Jean helped to solve many complex application and network issues while he was working with us. He was a definite asset to our team. His skills are solid and I would highly, highly recommend him!

– Lisa Turner

I worked closely with Jean over a number of years at OPNET and later at Riverbed. His knowledge of IP, use of protocol analysis tools and excellent troubleshooting methodology helped during several client problems. In addition to his technical expertise (which is extensive), Jean is an excellent documenter and helped edit several documents that I’d written for customers. I would highly recommend Jean as a Senior Network Engineer and Network Architect.

Jim Thompson

Learn some more

Are you managing an application right now that has some issues. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few quick things you can do with an application to help make it faster without having to rewrite all or any part of it.

So if your application is slow, but it can’t be changed anytime soon, download this PDF checklist. Find out changes you can make in the meantime with 5 Key Ways to Improve Application Performance… Without a Rewrite. Enter your email below for the free download.