Performance-focused Blog Posts

More B2B buyers are looking to the internet first before talking to monitoring tool vendors. I can work with you to write performance-focused blog posts that can help educate potential customers. You can find some of this work I’ve done for other companies here.


Online Courses

Need to learn about the art and science of performance engineering? I will have courses available that you can take to learn about packet analysis, performance testing, protocol analysis, and more.

Remote/Onsite Courses

Want to get on-demand learning for you or your team? I can do live, interactive training of my courses, teaching your team about web performance.


Website and Web App Performance Assessment

Are your websites or web apps running slow? Users always complaining? I can assess your apps for any performance issues. Using a combination of synthetic and real-user monitoring, depending on your app, I can tell you where your issues lie.

Mobile App Performance Assessment

Mobile apps getting bad reviews about being slow? I can do an audit of your app and help figure out the problem. I can work with you to instrument any mobile SDKs needed to collect the data required to figure out your issues.

Network Performance Assessment

Is your network infrastructure always getting the blame for application slowness? Have you noticed bandwidth limitations in certain areas of your network? I can do a full assessment of those areas and let you know whether the network should get the blame.

Cloud/Data Center Migration Assessment

Are you migrating to the cloud? Are you changing data centers? Wondering which of your applications can support this move, and still keep users happy? I can assess your applications and infrastructure to determine if your migration might be derailed with a move to the cloud or new data center. If needed, I can do a post-migration assessment for you to see the comparison.


Remote Packet Analysis

They say numbers never lie, and the same can be said about packets. Are you having a performance issue across different locations that you simply cannot seem to resolve? Capture the data, and I can analyze it for you. I can help you troubleshoot this issue, and get your users back to happy again.

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