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I help healthcare organizations improve end-user experiences

Let’s audit your healthcare website for speed and performance problems, and help your organization improve.

Are You Having Speed And Performance Problems With Your Healthcare Website?

Tell me if this sounds familiar – You have a website for your healthcare organization. You agree with the trend that everything healthcare is going digital. You think your site looks ok, but sometimes it just seems like it’s a bit slow. You may even find this out from your website’s end-users directly. Or maybe you can see it in your analytics data. But why? What’s the cause?

Your website’s speed is likely costing your organization! You know you need to do something, but this is not your expertise. Or you have web development experts, but they’re dealing with other things.

You don’t want to redesign your website or make wholesale changes to it. It looks fine. For whatever reason, it’s just slow. So what do you do about it?

Don’t redesign it – audit it! You need a website performance audit, and I can help you with that.

If Your Website’s Homepage Is Slow, Other Pages Are Too

Your homepage or a landing page is usually the first impression a visitor or potential customer has of your site. If that’s slow, they can leave.

Many features of your website are set up at the system level. So if something is slow on the homepage, those features likely apply to other parts of your site, and other types of pages will be slow too.

Your bounce rates will go up, and revenue or user engagement, or both, will go down.

To avoid this, you absolutely need to test your homepage, and potentially other areas of your site, to identify performance problems and have them fixed.

You Need An Action Plan

The Healthcare Site Speed service gives you a website performance improvement plan.

You can then take that plan to give it to your web developers to implement the recommendations, or make the changes yourself, if you’re able. Some of the recommended improves can be simple changes, like enabling or disabling a feature through your web host provider.

You will get a report that includes “quick wins” you can expect to provide immediate impact to your site, like reducing image sizes, using a content delivery network, or combining text files. You could take that advice and make your website many times better than it currently is.

The report also has a list of things you or your developers can test, giving you plan for months of performance tests to make your site a faster and better experience for your end-users.

What We’ll Do Together

Step 1. Audit Form Questions

After you get in touch, you will receive a link to some questions about your organization and top performance problems. You can also ask me any additional questions via email at that point.

Step 4. Deliver Report

I will send to you the PDF report and video with all my recommended fixes and other analyses.

Step 2. Review, Payment & Delivery Date

I will review you answers, and may contact your for any clarifications about your request. I will follow up with an email consisting of a link for payment and delivery date for your report.

Step 5. Review & Implement Fixes

You or your developers will review the report, ask any questions, and work to implement my recommendations.

Step 3. Complete Website Audit

I will analyze your website for performance problems that may be affecting site speed. I will spend time recording a video walk-through of your website’s issues.

Step 6. 30-Day Follow-Up Audit

For up to 30 days after delivering the report, you can request one other performance review to test fixes. I will update the report with the appropriate changes and send to you. No more updates after this.

Be Proactive! Don’t Let a Slow Website Kill Your Bottom Line!

Website performance is often an afterthought, until visitors and customers start leaving. Don’t let that happen to you, because it may be too late by then. Contact me to do a performance audit for you.

What You Get

What you will get is an actionable and comprehensive website performance improvement plan presented as a PDF and video report. This will include:

  • Performance audit of your website’s homepage or a specified landing page
  • Desktop or mobile (not both) analysis of your site’s performance
  • Prioritized list of performance improvement recommendations
  • Recorded video explaining identified problems
  • Comparison with up to two of your competitors
  • Top five worst-performing website pages
  • Follow-up one-hour meeting with your and/or your team for questions
  • Option to run one additional test to see impact of recommendations

Once I get the answers to your questions, I will be able to provide a more firm delivery date, but you can expect to get your action plan within 2 weeks of receiving payment.

Who Are You, Anyway?

Jean Tunis

I’m a performance engineering consultant. I’ve been a network and application performance engineer for the better part of eighteen years, with the last 2+ as an independent consultant. I have worked with companies in industries like financial services, healthcare, technology, and more. I write about performance-related topics in my book on web performance and other places such as TechGenix and APMdigest. You can read a longer bio about me if you’re still curious.

I worked closely with Jean for several years while he was contracted to Ford Motor Company. His in-depth knowledge of protocol analysis and network troubleshooting are second to none. Jean helped to solve many complex application and network issues while he was working with us. He was a definite asset to our team. His skills are solid and I would highly, highly recommend him!

– Lisa Turner

Interested? Take Action Now!

Let’s get started with your request for a website performance audit. Submit the form details, and I’ll send you the questions to get going.

I’m only available for a few of these audits a month, so take action now. Contact me so I can get on the schedule.

Do you still have questions?

Email me with any questions you have below. I’d love to hear from you.

Not ready to commit to a paid website performance audit just yet?

No problem. You can sign up to get a free PDF checklist I created that will help you do some of this yourself. Just email me, and ask for it.

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