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How to Avoid a 70x Increase in Application Response Time

Years ago, I was working with a company that was in the middle of migrating many of their applications to a new data center. I came in as part of the team, and my part was to analyze the applications to determine if there would be any performance issues after the migration occurred.

For one application, I was involved from the beginning and thus, was able to do some pre-migration testing with the application team. I asked all the questions that I felt would give me the information I needed to test this application and give them my recommendation to mitigate any potential issues. Much of these questions are found in my ebook, Analyzing HTTP: Nine Things to Look For When Profiling and Troubleshooting Web Performance.

After getting my questions answered, the application team and I identified a number of transactions that a typical user of this application would execute. And we went about testing the application.

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